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swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 34)

Episode 34

Swasan r in Temple.. 🏯

Sanskar: “swara I want to say something to u.”

Swara:”what Sanskar ji…”

Sanskar: “Swara I love u… I love u a lot… I love more than I love shona…”

Swara(blushes?😊):”Really Sanskar ji…”

Sanskar cups her face:”Ya Swara. Now u r my life. Do u love me Swara? (She nodes yes) No Swara just say it. I want to hear those words from ur mouth. I want to see the movements of ur beautiful lips while saying those words. Say na shona…”

Swara:” I love u Sanskar. U r my everything.”

Sanskar moves to kiss😘 her she closes her eyes.. But..

Man(shouts):”She is my wife. (Swasan shocked to see the person). She is my wife…”

Swara holds Sanskar’s hand tightly:”I don’t know u. I only love Sanskar ji. He is my life…”

Man😠:”Shut up… Swara”

He holds her hand and drags her…

Swara:” No I don’t want to go…. Sanskar ji save me…😭”

Swara wakes up. See see Sanskar is peacefully sleeping in her laps… 😴. Thinking about the dream she cries and Sanskar wakes up listening her sobbing sounds… He cups her face.

Sanskar: “What happened Swara? Y r u crying?”

She hugs him:”Sanskar ji I can’t live without u. He is taking me away from u. I’ll die without u.”

Sanskar: “Who?”

Swara:”My husband… ”

Sanskar (when did she married😕):”U r not married Swara. I can’t understand anything. ”

Swara:”woh… Sanskar ji I saw a dream…(she narrates him the whole dream. ) Sanskar ji I’m only yours. Don’t leave me.😢”

Sanskar: “Offo my cutiepie😘. No one can snatch my sweetu from me. Because I know my sweetu loves me a lot.”

Swara:”But… ”

Sanskar: “sßsßssh swara ( he hugs her) it’s too late now sleep. Hug me tightly so that u will see beautiful dreams about me😇. ”

Swara:”Don’t cheat me Sanskar ji. Now u r becoming my everything.”

She sleeps..

Sanskar(thinks):”Don’t know Swara whether u will forgive me or not after knowing the truth. But before that I’ll marry u and make u mine forever. So that no one can separate us. (He hugs her more tightly). Sorry for hiding the truth but I can’t loose u moreover this truth will hurt u.”

He too sleeps..

Next day…🌅

Swara wakes up and find herself in Sanskar’s arms. She smiles.

Swara:”Sanskar ji is looking too cute while sleeping. Now I’m very happy this cutiepie is mine forever.( she kisses on his cheek😘) Good morning Sanskar ji.”

Sanskar while closing his eyes: “Shona…😇”

Swara feels bad 😞:”Still shona is in his thoughts… Sanskar ji I’ll love u more than Shona”

Sanskar: “Really…😃 Swara”

Swara😱:”Sanskar ji u r awake…”

“Knock knock….”

Uttra:”Swara open the door…”

Swara(afraid😨):”Sanskar ji leave me. (She tries to move but Sanskar hugs her more tightly)please ”

Sanskar: “I want my Good morning kissi😍.”

Swara:”I have already gave u. Now let me go…”

But Sanskar is Asanskari😂.

Sanskar: “one more…” Swara nodes no.

Uttra:”Offo Swara open the door yrr… It’s new year and ur sleeping😠. Get up fast….”

Uttra continuously knocking the door… Poor Swara kisses on his cheeks.

Swara:”now OK Sanskar ji, let me go.”

Sanskar: “I’m not a little boy. I want lip kiss.”

Swara:”But Sanskar ji, 😧”

Sanskar: “I’m very stubborn😉😉”

So at last swara kiss 😘him. She gives him sweet kissi but sanskar rolled over her and passionately kissing her😘. She tries to break the kiss but still Sanskar is not satisfied😂. Uttra continues to knock the door but sanskar is Sanskar.

Uttra:”offo… Sleepy girl bye Swara. I’m going now huh😕”

Sanskar breaks the kiss😘

Swara:”See Sanskar ji uttra went. What she will think😞”

Sanskar: “Leave her na Swara I’m here concentrate on me😉. Now promise me.”

Swara:”What promise Sanskar ji.”

Sanskar: “Every morning u have to give me this good morning kissi😘.”

Swara blushes and hugs him:”I can do anything for u Sanskar ji.”

Sanskar: “Be with me Swara don’t leave me. Today I want to spend my full day with my sweetu😘.(he kiss on her forehead) bye Swara.”

He leaves… Swara starts dancing.: “yeppiiiii?

…..in priya’s house

Knock knock. Priya opens the door with smile😃:”Di….(but he is nikhil) oh nikhil u.”

Nikhil: “Happy New Year dear😘. Sorry for being so late but see what I bought for u.”

Priya: “It’s OK but what happened to ur dress.”

Nikhil:”A stupid bike rider spoiled 🚵my new dress. Can I use ur bathroom?”

Priya: “yes( nikhil gives bouquet to priya and leaves to bathroom. After sometime Sanskar calls him and priya lifts the call)

Sanskar:” Oh hero is everything ready? Today I’ll propose my shona. So I want everything perfect. Ok after that I will marry her. Oye what happened? Y r u quite?”

Priya in sad tone😞:”Sir it’s me priya.”

Sanskar: “Where is nikhil?

Priya:” Sir he is in the washroom.”

Sanskar:”Ok, then”

Priya:”Sir all the best. U both look great together. ”

Sanskar: “thanks.” Sanskar disconnects the call.

Priya: “How happy is he, but Y di wants to separate them. I’ll request her not to do anything.”

Nikhil: “Where r u lost dear?”

Priya:”nothing Nikhil. Woh Sanskar sir called u.”

Nikhil: “Oh, now I have to go. Else he will kill me. But priya can u come with me at 7pm. I mean to celebrate new year ( today I’ll propose u dear😇)

Priya:” sorry I can’t actually my di is coming so… (Nikhil I’m sorry but my heart broken, I need some time😞)”

Nikhil:”shit but tomorrow u have to come OK. Bye priya” he leaves.

….. In Maheshwari mansion.

Uttra comes in swara’s room.

Uttra:”Hello swara. Happy New Year sleepy girl.”

Swara:”U to uttra. Sorry for morning. ”

Uttra:”Offo no sorry. I want something from u.”

Swara:”What can I do for u?”

Uttra:”Promise me u won’t disagree. ( swara nodes yess). It’s NEW YEAR so Rajat wants me to take out but u know na mom and Bhai they won’t agree. So can u come with me.”


Uttra:”Offo swara I’ll tell Bhai and Mom that we both r going out to celebrate new year. Ok na… Please swara.”

Swara(thinks):”😫 what is this I have to go with Sanskar ji. What to do?”

Uttra:”I’m begging u Swara for my love say yes”

Swara:”ok uttra😞.”

Uttra hugs her:”Thanks a lot Swara.”

Swara(in mind):”I’m sorry Sanskar ji. I can’t come with u.😢”

Sanskar hears all this… “My shona is very innocent and this uttra😠. Huh” he calls Rajat.

In priya’s house…..

Priya:”Di Sanskar sir really loves Swara a lot.”

Ragini: “I don’t know anything. He hurt my Swara a lot( Ragini tells her everything). He have to suffer for each pain that He gave to Swara. Help me priya.”

Priya:”Ok di… Today Sanskar is planning to propose her ( She tells her about morning conversation.) ”

Ragini: “I have a plan. ( ragini tells her the plan)”

Priya: “But Di how can I lie? I mean… It’s worng.”

Ragini: “Just do it. If I’ll directly say truth to Swara, she will not believe me. This time she is mad in his love, but it’s necessary for my Shona.”

… Here Sanskar is ready to take swara.

Sanskar: “Come Swara…”

Uttra:”Bhai, where? ”

Sanskar: “For NEW YEAR party in office.”

Uttra:”Actually Bhai Swara is celebrating new year with me.”

Sanskar stares Swara. Swara bows down her head😞:”Actually uttra, it’s fine. I can go with priya. It’s a big party and there is also a couple dance. I thought Swara and me… No problem lots of girls is ready for making me their partner.”

Swara:”Nooooooooo… Sir it’s important party how can I miss it. I’ll come.”

Uttra:”But Swara…”

Sanskar:”Ok come fast…” He leaves

Uttra:”What is this Swara?”😠

Swara:”Actually Rajat will also come in party to so…”

Uttra:”Oh but he didn’t tell me about party.( Just then Rajat text her. She becomes sad). Rajat told me that he can’t come. Swara u come I’ll make u ready.”

Swara wears the dress gifted by Sanskar. Uttra makes her ready… Swara gets flashes a girl is making her ready. It’s ragini still she doesn’t get her view properly…

Uttra:”Where u lost Swara?”

Swara:”Nothing… I just… Now I have to go.” She comes down.

Sanskar: “wao😍. How beautiful is she?”

Swara:”Sanskar ji…”

Sanskar: “come swara.”

He takes her out. Swara is still thinking about the girl… Who was that girl? Now I’m afraid. I’m moving on without knowing my past. ( she looks towards sanskar). Don’t know how can I live without him. I don’t want that I’ll remember anything now Sanskar ji is my life.

Sanskar: “Where is my sweetu lost?”

Swara:”Nothing Sanskar ji… Just thinking about u. Where r we going?” 😃

Sanskar: “Here we come.”

Swasan enjoyed the full day. They watched movie. Did lots of shopping..

Swara:”Sanskar ji Y u take me here”

Sanskar: “Swara u know I always want to take ride on FERRIS WHEEL 🎡🎢but… I’m afraid of height.”

Swara(smiles):”haha😂 sanskar ji u r behaving like little boy. If u feel afraid then hold me tightly OK.”

Sanskar smiles😇(this is what I want).

Swasan takes rides and whenever they comes on top sanskar’s holds her tightly: “Aww save me swara I’ll fall down.”

Swara:”Relax Sanskar ji I’m with u. (She holds him tightly).

Sanskar kisses on her cheeks…😘 And when Swara looks towards him. He starts doing his acting😭.

After taking ride…

Swara:”Sanskar ji, how’s it?”

Sanskar: “Awsome, if I’ll get kisses😘 then I’ll daily take a ride.”

Swara(blushes):”Sanskar ji it’s too late we need to leave.”

Sanskar: “Y so soon… Last thing is left.” Sanskar takes her in Temple. 🏯Swara fears thinking about her dream.

Swara:”Sanskar ji it’s crowded let’s go to home. I don’t want to go.”

Sanskar: “Don’t think about that dream. (He cups her face) Swara I’m reality. Come” they go inside.

Swara(pray):”🙏 God ji give all happiness to my Sanskar ji. I don’t want my past I want my love, my Sanskar. But don’t know Y I’m feeling that something bad will happen. I’m getting my memory back but I don’t want it. I’m mean, selfish, but I can bear separation from him.”

Sanskar (pray):”God ji🙏 I know my Shona is fearing. She is so stupid thinking that what if she would married but who will tell her that… Shona loves me a lot. Her love faced every problem, alone it’s filled with pain and wait. But I promise her that I’ll give her love for which she carved a long. Don’t know how u will react after knowing the truth. It will hurt her when she came to know about her Ford parents. Please don’t give her any pain.”

They come out.

Sanskar: “oh swara I forget to bring ‘parsad’ wait I’ll come.”

Swara:”don’t go I’m not feeling good.”

Sanskar (smile😃):”No worry sweetu😘. Ur husband will not come” he leaves. Swara keeps waiting for him.

Swara:”Where r u Sanskar ji?”

An old lady comes:”beti, ”

Swara gives her money💰💸. :”Aunty ji give me ur blessings so that I’ll be happy with my love My Sanskar ji. “😊

Old Lady:” leave him beti. He is a cheater. He is making u fool.”

Swara(angry😠):”How dare u?”

Old Lady:”U r soo innocent beti. But soon u will realise this. Take care beti.”

She leaves.

Swara:”Who is she? Y she… That day that lady also… No no my Sanskar ji is not like that. But where is he?”

Sanskar: “Thinking about me.”

Swara turns and hugs him.:”I love u… Sanskar.”

Sanskar:”What happened sweetu?”

Swara:”Y u bring me here?”

Sanskar: “I’m going to take a big decision in my life. I need God’s blessings. Swara I want to confess my love before God. (He cups her face). Swara… I… I love…. I love ( just then he see Ragini in Temple). I love ragini.”

Swara: “Who is this Ragini?”

Sanskar: “woh😨 nothing. (What this ragini is doing her. Or it just my illusion but Y I’ll get illusion about her. ) swara come with me. ”

Swara(thinks):”Who is this Ragini? I think I’m familiar with this name. But Sanskar ji said…”

He takes her near a lake. They sit in the boat. 🚣It’s full moon night🌚🌝. Sanskar is just starting swara but swara losts in her thoughts.

Sanskar: “Swara where R u lost? See there moon”🌚

Swara:”It’s beautiful.”

Sanskar: “U know my Sweetu is beautiful than this moon.”

Sanskar kiss 😘on her hand.

Swara:”Sanskar ji Y r u kissing my hand.”

Sanskar: “these beautiful hand belongs to my love. And”

Swara(blushes😊):”and …”

Sanskar kiss on her cheeks: “It’s her cheeks. (He sweetly kiss on her lips). Ur lips r so smooth, so sweet. Swara u make me soo mad. I never thought that this day will come in my life. My love.”

Swara:”Who is ur love Sanskar ji.”😇

Sanskar: “look there”

She looks towards sky. 🎇🎊🎆 it’s written. I LOVE U SWARA.

Swara:”Wao Sanskar ji. It’s awsome😇. I love it.”

Sanskar bends in his knees.:”Swara I fall for u. When? Where? How? I don’t know. Y only u I don’t know? Now I can even think my life without u. I love u SWARA. ”

Swara is in ninth cloud but no she just reminds someone is proposing her for marriage. He is Sahil…

Sanskar: “Will u marry me Swara? ”

Swara:”Sanskar ji…”

Sanskar hugs her.:”I know Swara u too love me.”

She pushes him:”No I don’t… Love…”

Sanskar: “What happened swara it’s me sanskar.”

Swara looks towards sanskar. She cries…😭. She hugs him tightly.:”What is happening to me Sanskar ji. Please take me home.”

Sanskar:”What happened Swara?”

Swara:”please don’t ask anything take me home.(he tries to beak hug) please don’t separate me from u.”

Swasan returns home. Swara directly goes inside the home.

Sujata(what happened to her?😕 ):”Sanskar Y were u late?”

Sanskar: “Mom, due to traffic🚏🚦🚥. Now I’m feeling sleepy Bye.”

Sujata:”But dinner…” Since swara came he is going away from me.

Ram:”Sujata stop suspecting ur son. ”

Sujata:”but RAM ji.”

Ram:”sßsßssh, now come to room I have a surprise for my sujju.” They left.

AP:”How lucky r they. Their love is with them.”

Uttra:”No worry badi ma. Bade papa will soon come😉😉.”

…… In priya’s house.

Ragini: “U know na What u have to do. Tomorrow I don’t want any mistake.”

Priya:”di I’ll do as u said. But di…”

Ragini: “I know what u want to say. Priya forget Sanskar… He doesn’t.”

Priya: “I know he doesn’t love me. And I accepted this. Di u don’t worry I’ll do everything as u said but Y didn’t u meet Swara.”

Ragini cries😢:”After seeing her I just want to hug her. Swara is most important person in my life. But she isn’t my friend she is completely Sanskar’s Swara.”

Priya: “Di now I’m seriously jealous from swara. Y all loves her so much?”

Ragini: “Come dear I’ll tell u everything about my shona.”

They continue their conversation.


Swara cries:”Who was that guy. He proposed me. Did I said yess to him? Or he is my husband. No no swara. (She holds her head). Y God ji this is happening. I don’t want to remember anything. Before I remember everything I have to do something so that no one can separate me from Sanskar ji.

Sanskar comes inside the room to meet swara.

Sanskar: “Swara”

She immediately hugs him.:”I love u Sanskar. ”

Sanskar: “Y r u so much tense. I’m with u na…”

Swara:”Sanskar ji, Do u love me.?”

Sanskar: “yes Swara. I love a lot… ”

Swara:”Then love me.”

Sanskar: ” Offo Swara I said na I love u. (Then he realises…) What do u me… Swara.”

Swara:”Make me urs Sanskar ji. ” she starts kissing him and tries to open his shirt.

Sanskar holds her hand.: “did u again saw any bad dream.”

Swara tells him about what she remembered…:”Before anyone take me I want to be urs permanently. ”

Sanskar (this boy must be that Sahil😑 huh stupid fellow):”But Swara”

Swara:”I don’t know anything( she cries a lot.) I’ll die without u Sanskar ji. Please… ”

Sanskar: “OK.”

Swara becomes happy😃 and hus him.:”I LOVE soooooooooooo much.”

Sanskar: “but… We will do it tomorrow OK Swara.”

Swara:”Y? Sanskar ji.”

Sanskar: “I’m feeling sleepy now and tired also. Please swara.” She nodes yes. She sleeps in his arms…

Sanskar (thinks):”I said her for tomorrow. But how can I remove her insecurity… Tomorrow I have to think another excuse. (He kisses on her forehead) Swara I too want this but with ur willingness not in fear. Now firstly I’ll make mom ready for our marriage. (He takes takes ring💍). Tomorrow I’ll give to my Shona… (He keeps it back on his pocket.) Soon I’ll make everything alright. Good night shona…”

He too sleeps…

Precap: Ragini’s plans to works…

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